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Local Self-Organizing is the foundation of resilient systems. All resilient systems organize themselves to cope with any disturbance which may occur. At the community level, people work together to create businesses and infrastructure which increase the community’s ability to survive and thrive. These include ecologically sound locally-owned, value-added (LOVA) enterprises.  For more than 30 years, we have worked in more than 35 countries, most recently in the US Delta and Ozark states and many African and former Soviet Union countries.

Uniting teams for resilient enterprises and ecosystems.
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If you have an idea for an agriculture or natural resource business or cooperative, or just want to start farming, we can help.  We are a network of  folks who are eager to help create resilient rural development. We believe that no one state or one person has all the answers, so we’ll introduce you to several folks and help you find the right mentor or facilitator.  If we all band together we can overcome the pessimism and polarization which plagues rural areas.  We have so many opportunities in environmentally-sound diversification in agriculture.  Let’s turn that potential into reality.

Help your team or community self-organize
New enterprise ideas for your farm or community

Recent successes in: freshwater shrimp, sweet potatoes, aromatic rice, organic soybeans

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