Conferences to transform Rural America

Arkansas Conference

“This conference is for anyone who likes good Arkansas food and profitable Arkansas farms.”
–Jimmy Wallace, England, Arkansas

Time and Place

We hold annual conferences on Petit Jean Mountain. Before Governor’s Election, we have all the candidates our conferences see a sample agenda.

To save a place at our next conference,

send a $40 donation and your name and address to

920 Hwy 153,

Almyra, AR 72003

Here’s the agenda of one of our largest conferences.

You should attend if:

1. You want to find new markets.

2. You want to diversify your farm or community.

3. You have a market and need to find growers.

4. You have an idea and need capital.

5. You have capital to invest and need a good opportunity.

6. You like Arkansas and want to see new industries come in.

7. You like meeting people with practical ideas for profitable new industries.

8. You want state policy to change to help farmers and rural communities.

Best agricultural meeting I’ve ever been to.”

That’s what Joe Bryant, Jr., who farms 3000 acres in Lonoke County says.

Now you have a chance to see if you agree.

New opportunities for Arkansas farmers, rural communities, and healthy food is the topic of our state-wide meetings. The meetings–planned by elected officials, farmers, and consumers–feature speakers from throughout the country. Experts in value-added diversification will offer options from small scale vegetable and flower production to export opportunities for value-added grains. In addition, policy experts from other states will join with state legislators and other elected officials to design state legislation to assist farmers and rural communities.

“This conference is an unprecedented step toward changing the way we treat farmers and rural communities,” Rep. Wayne Nichols (D-Marked Tree) said.

For more information, call our conference coordinators at 870-673-6346, or email