Learn to Facilitate

Facilitating Group Creativity and Productivity

Your group can become more creative and more productive if you have the skills to facilitate that evolution. The links below can help you, as long as you realize you must build your own style. Try out what you find here, then let your experience incubate and create your own style of facilitation. Remember, the skills of social interaction don’t reside in you, but emerge in interaction. Below we’ve pointed to several interlocking areas of knowledge which we’ve found helpful. But only you can take these bits of knowledge and construct your own whole new facilitating style from them. The quickest way to develop your skills is to find a mentor. If you like, we’d be glad to help.


Successful systems facilitators are observed to have skills in a number of crucial areas. These include:

Learning Systems and Systems Learning

Motivating Teams

Conceptual Pluralism

Communication Beyond Words

Evoking Integration and innovation

Holistic Decision-Making

Facilitating groups is a holistic process.
Each of the above “skills” is one view of the process.
If you’re ready, get into the process itself.