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U.S. Rice Producers promote aromatic rice
U.S. imports of aromatic rice increase
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best manual on organizing a new market
Richard Bell
CEO and President, Riceland Foods
“Entrepreneurial Agriculture in the Delta”
Ronald Milbach
President & Chief Executive of
the Production Credit Association and Federal Land Bank Association of Southeast Missouri

“Trends for Agriculture in
the Delta”
Dennis Roedemeier
Missouri Economic Development Department, Jefferson City, Missouri.

“Stimulating Community Entrepreneurs”
Dr. Tommy Cates
“Development of a Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Program”
Dr. Robert Myers
Former Director, Sustainable Agriculture Programs, USDA
“National and Local Opportunities to Diversify”
Sara Vogel
Past Commissioner, North Dakota Department of Agriculture

“Success in Value-Added Diversification”
Rob Holland
University of Tennessee Agricultural Development Center

“Access to Research and Technical Assistance”
Mike Powers
FDIC Memphis
“Access to Capital – AGuide for Small Business Start-Ups”
Dr. Randy Williams
Program Leader, Economic Development, USDA, Extension Service, Washington DC.

“National Cross Agency Partnerships with Entrepreneurs”